Free yourself of bad poker habits and stay on top of your game

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Free yourself of bad poker habits and stay on top of your game

September 21, 2017 Poker 0

Getting into online poker as a beginner can be really exciting, but at the same time, it’s easy to pick up bad habits along the way. From getting distracted too easily to managing your time badly, there are numerous pitfalls that beginner poker players fall into all too often. The beginner poker tips in this article will help you to lose the bad habits and truly stay on top of your game.

Keep it Simple as a Beginner

Too many new poker plays feel the need to learn every variety of poker and play all the tables at once. This is actually a huge mistake, as all it means is that you get overwhelmed and don’t have time to focus on the nuances of each game. To start with, simply play one table at a time until you’re consistently winning, and are used to how playing online works. Make sure you know exactly how the site operates, too – as well as completely mastering your chosen variant of poker. Remember, it’s better to be great at one thing rather than mediocre at many.

Set Up a Great Environment

You might be tempted to just hunch over your laptop in any room that’s available, but this is a really bad habit as it doesn’t get you into a ‘work’ mindset. Get rid of all distractions – don’t allow yourself to flip through a magazine or browse the Web between hands, as this should be a vital time for watching other people and learning to improve, or plotting your next move. However, you might find that a good chair and access to healthy snacks and water improve your playing. This is especially true as many players just eat whatever is around them while playing, which can be really unhealthy.

Start With Low Stakes Poker

This online poker tip is actually really simple: start small. It can be tempting to get into the habit of wagering a lot of money in the hopes of winning big, but actually, the best thing to do is to start really small and play a lot of games. Actually playing is what will make you better, and when just starting out it’s best not to spend too much. Remember that every poker player you admire started out by playing lots of games of low stakes poker!

Focus On Your Game

As mentioned above, it’s easy to get distracted between hands. Don’t – this could seriously impede you becoming a great poker player. Instead, think about every move before you make it. Spend as much time reviewing your hand as you do playing, and think about what you are doing and why. Work out why you play the hands that you play, and if it’s an objectively good idea. Question all advice you’re given, work out why the advice is good or bad and what you really think about it. Think about why other people are making the decisions they make. This will make you really good at spotting bad habits and weak spots (yours and other players!) and therefore better at correcting or exploiting them.

Get the Right Attitude

Don’t neglect yourself while playing, or fall into the habit of playing while hungry or tired – this will almost certainly make you a worse player. Manage your time well, and take poker seriously as you would a job. Make regular time to play poker and improve your game, instead of just diving in when you’re bored or need the cash!

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

One of the most important beginner poker tips is to take advantage of anything that can help you, something that many neglect as they want to do everything themselves. Consider buying software that allows you to analyse your past hands. This is great as it will help you to identify where you are going wrong and fix it, by letting you basically replay the tournament on your own time. If you feel that your game has a lot of flaws and bad habits, consider hiring a coach or mentor. They’ll be able to sit alongside you as you play, or play with you, and show you where your weak spots are and what you can do to up your game.

These online poker tips are great for new players, as they focus on several of the bad habits that beginner players often pick up. However, if you take this information and change your mindset and environment accordingly, there’s no reason why you can’t be a top poker player.