Poker Money Management and its Advantages

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Poker Money Management and its Advantages

December 17, 2017 Poker 0

The amount of money a poker player is willing and able to allocate for playing with has to be managed in a proper way. A player has to develop unique poker money management schemes for their bankroll, failure to which they risk running broke. Poker money management is chiefly referred to as bankroll management in poker. Any poker player has to be consistent with some rules or guidelines that help in poker money management. Some of the main points to consider include, but not limited to:

Deciding the Amount of Money to Set Aside for Poker

The amount of money a player can put into poker is just like an investment money, and it is what the player should expect to grow the bankroll. This matters a lot, so if any player thinks it is not important, then they are setting themselves up for dead loss. There is no way one will grow a bankroll if they just play and assume that they can keep on reloading indefinitely. It would be wise if the poker player puts himself in a low-risk situation that is worth his decision, but at the same time not going too low. You just need to balance in order to limit losses in poker and speculate higher returns on the investment.

Figuring Out the Games You Should Play

If you want to witness yourself making unlimited losses in poker, then hop around games. Otherwise, find the games you can play the best at low rakes and specialize in them. It would even be better if you focused your efforts on triumphing over a specific game format. Failure to this, you will mostly want to play games with unclear edges, and this will dent your bankroll badly.

If your bankroll is short of cash, try as much as possible to invest in games you are fully convinced will give you the best out of your advantages. Such games are those offered with beatable rakes on poker sites with the best rake-back deals. When playing tournament games, try to maintain a bankroll that can earn you around 40 buy-ins to tournament level you want to play at.

When playing cash games, specifically no limit Hold’em and Pot-limit, the recommendable bankroll size is 20 times the whole buy-in of your play. Another bankroll management strategy involves putting a maximum of 5% of the entire bankroll amount on the table all the time. This is similar to retaining 20 times the buy-in of the game. For limit Hold’em, it is ok to have a minimum of 300 Big Bets for any limit you want to play at.

Only Play With Your Bankroll

It could be very tempting, but it this is the golden rule you should never break; at no time use the money you can`t afford to lose in order to settle your bankroll. The money in the bankroll is only for funding poker playing so taking away some money for a different purpose outside poker loses track for it. You drain your bankroll and this can lead to other loses with poor bankroll management.

Finding the Right Type of Bankroll

Most players prefer to play with large bankrolls in order to maintain high stakes. Others keep it low for them to go up the stakes faster. The problem with smaller bankrolls is that they increase the risk of a player`s need to move down levels. Smaller bankrolls also increase the risk of going broke. Generally, the reason you play poker will determine the type of bankroll you decide to keep. Casual players and beginners play to learn or for fun, this will only require an amount that can be spent on poker as a hobby. As time goes by, learners improve and they can then increase their bankrolls and start thinking of bankroll management.

Advantages of Poker Money Management

The points mentioned above each highlight their unique advantages but the general benefits can be explained as follows. Poker players will always experience variances (ups and downs). These are the variations in losses and profits as a result of bad and good runs of cards. The point of having a bankroll management is to ensure that you cater for the variances so that you are able to continue playing without getting broke. Bankroll management helps you win the maximum profits possible while you minimize the risk of losing everything if you stick to its rules.