Roulette – an untapped gambling resource!

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Roulette – an untapped gambling resource!

November 29, 2018 Roulette 0

In any UK online casino, poker players may well find themselves facing frustration, not just with other players who may be more dedicated to the cause (or simply better!) but also with their own poker skills, and just as often, with the game itself. With it being a serious game of skill, many poker players are now turning to playing roulette online. The roulette rules are simple; pick your colour, numbers or groups of numbers and hope for the best!

Why Roulette?

Jumping from poker to roulette may sound like a cop out. Years of fine tuning one’s own skills, only to head to a game of chance, seems like a waste of skill. However, chance is the very attraction of roulette. No mean faces, no trying to read others, and no enemies at the table. Everyone is enjoying a friendly round of trying to beat the house. And the best thing is that there really is no difficulty in learning how to play roulette; the stakes, return on wagers and possible outcomes are laid right out, quite literally, on the table.

Is Online Roulette Still Fun?

Playing roulette online is a great way to not only pass the time in an online casino setting, but also to enjoy the social element of the game, not to mention potentially winning a respectable amount of money. With automatic roulette, players can pass the time during and between spins by chatting to each other at many of the more well known casinos, and particularly in the case of live dealer roulette, the fun of playing this game of chance is increased when you have a dealer that pulls out all the stops and engages in conversation with the players. It’s pretty much like the real thing, just with the added comfort of playing from a comfy sofa, bed or desk. Throwing down money on black and engaging in casual, witty but always entertaining chat with the dealer can be a hell of a lot more fun than pulling one’s ‘poker face’ and sitting alongside people who are taking their game of cards way too seriously. Think about the last time the roulette table in a real, physical casino wasn’t fun. Whereas the more dedicated gambler might favour blackjack as a way to wind down from the seriousness of poker, they could actually be overlooking a way to make some easy, yet ultimately more fun money, as seen by the laughing and jovial enjoyment people seem to share at a roulette wheel.

Are The Winnings Worth It?

The roulette rules are pretty simple; put your money on a colour and the odds are 2:1. Go for a combination of numbers or group, the odds are thinner. Head for a specific number, and it’s a real game of chance. However, with that risk increasing comes the opprtunity to win serious money, just like in poker. There might be low stakes players sharing the table, but that’s no reason to skimp on the bets. The last game of poker might have been £1000 a hand or something equally gasp inducing, but take that and throw it down over a few roulette bets and the winnings can come in just as easily, often with a greater return thanks to the swiftly moving nature of the game. No sitting around for ten mminutes waiting to see if someone’s going to fold or go all in; you’ll already have made about ten wagers at the roulette table within that time!!

In closing, the main salient point is that roulette is not to be sniffed at, even though it is often shunned by people who consider themselves more serious casino afficianados. Their scoffing presents some serious opportunities for gamblers to place fast stakes with just as much to lose…and potentially so much more to gain. And best of all…if you get into the feel of it, roulette can be so much more fun.